OPM task Force meeting…


The Task Force meeting scheduled for November 16 at 10 am, will be held at 800 W Washington in the Industrial Commission Auditorium.

Office of Pest Management

That link to the email Dept of Ag – OPM newsletter is up and running now http://listsrv.azda.gov/

OPM Acting Director Introduction


I want to introduce myself. My name is Jack Peterson and I have been appointed the Acting Director of the Office of Pest  Management.  (OPM) I have over 25 years  of pesticide regulatory experience and have been working for the Arizona  Department of Agriculture since 94.  I  would be happy to tell you more about me, but this message is not about me it  is to provide you with important information about the OPM.  I can be reached at 602-542-3575 or jpeterson@azda.gov if you wish to contact  me./n/nAs most of you know by now, the OPM has moved into the Arizona  Department of Agriculture (ADA) building. Our building is  located at 1688 West Adams Street, Phoenix, 85007.

This move was part  of the requirements of SB 1194 which was passed by the legislature this past  year.  The legislation also required that  the Director of the ADA appoint a task force made up three structural industry  members, three agriculture industry members and two members from the ADA’s
advisory council.

The Task force is  to consider 4 things relating to the regulation of structural pest management  which includes:

1. A review of all laws and regulations  governing structural pest management in this state.

2. A review of possible organizational  configurations within the Arizona department of agriculture for structural pest  management regulation.

3. A review of personnel and funding issues  relating to the administration of structural pest management regulation within  the Arizona department of agriculture.

4. Statutory changes necessary to accomplish  the future structural pest management program.  Bill link: http://www.azleg.gov//FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/legtext/50leg/1r/bills/sb1194s.htm&Session_ID=102

The task force members are:

Ken Fredrick Conquistador Pest & Termite, Inc. Tucson

Dave Burns Burns Pest Elimination Phoenix

Kirk Smith  Maricopa County Vector Control Phoenix

Jimmy Fox Evergreen Turf Inc. Phoenix

Lin Evans Lin Evans Enterprises, Inc Phoenix

John Boelts Boelts Farming LLC. Yuma

Will Rousseau Rousseau Farms Phoenix

Phil  Hemminghaus Golf Ventures West Phoenix

We are in the process of setting up the task force’s  first of many meetings. These meetings are open to the public.  We will be setting up a task force link on  both the ADA and OPM’s websites after the first meeting.  Best of all we will have a listserv which  allows you to sign up to receive updates relating to task force activities as  they occur.  If you wish to be part of  this, come back to the ADA (www.azda.gov) or  OPM website and follow the instructions to sign up.

To update you on OPM personnel contact information  following is a listing which includes their phone numbers, cell numbers,  e-mails and a brief description of their areas of responsibility. Contact  information can also be found at: http://www.sb.state.az.us/EmployeeDir.php

NAME              DUTIES                        OFFICE            CELL              E-MAIL

Bachmann, Debbie  Receptionist/Licensing 602-255-3664  dbachmann@azda.gov

Cislo, Char Accounting 602-255-3655 ccislo@azda.gov

Colvin, Dave Inspections/Investigations  602-255-0953 602-320-9623 dcolvin@azda.gov

Craig, Vince Compliance  Manager 602-255-3663 vcraig@azda.gov

Crawford, James   IT  602-255-3656  jcrawford@azda.gov

Hanko, Bill Inspections/Investigations 602-255-0953 602-316-5267  whanko@azda.gov

Ho, Elaine Records 602-255-3662  eho@azda.gov

Howarth, Ashton Licensing  – Crim. Conv. 602-255-3659 ahowarth@azda.gov

Keating, Jean Applicator  Licensing 602-255-3660 jkeating@azda.gov

Kennedy, Brian Inspections/Investigations  520-770-3035 520-730-0220 bkennedy@azda.gov

Maeser, Norm Inspections/Investigations  928-266-5004      nmaeser@azda.gov

Pugh, Alan Inspections  – Supervisor 602-542-0986 602-206-4350 apugh@azda.gov

Pulido, Hugo IT 602-255-3657 hpulido@azda.gov

Schellhorn, George Inspections/Investigations 520-770-3036 520-400-9229 gschellhorn@azda.gov

Smith, Kellie  Inspections/Investigations 928-300-7846 ksmith@azda.gov

Thompson, Misty Licensing  – Insurance 602-255-3658 mthompson@azda.gov

Tolton, Robert Licensing  Supervisor 602-255-3652 rtolton@azda.govv

Walker, Ron CEUs  – Initial Cert Training  602-255-3662  rwalker@azda.gov

Finally, since the OPM has moved close to down town  Phoenix, applicator or QP testing at the office is no longer provided.  We want to provide excellent customer service  and fair and consistent regulation.  If  we can be of help, please contact us.
Thank you.

Jack Peterson

Associate Director, ESD and Acting Director, OPM Arizona
Department of Agriculture

1688 W Adams St

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Quality…From the land to you.


Office of Pest Management (OPM) Moving

Office of Pest Management (OPM) Moving

From: Scott J. Richardson

The OPM will be moving from its current location at  9535 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd. in Scottsdale to the Arizona Department
of Agriculture Building located at 1688 West Adams Street, Phoenix, AZ  85007 the week of July 11th, 2011.

Note:  Meetings and/or hearings will be held at the Scottsdale location through Friday July 8th and  then after the move at the new Phoenix location.  Please plan your interaction with the OPM accordingly.  For more information go  to the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s website.  As stated on their website, “Please accept our apologies for any short term
inconvenience the move may cause.”

This article is not intended to provide legal advice and only relates to Arizona  law.  It does not consider the scope of laws in states other than
Arizona.  Always consult an attorney for legal advice for your particular  situation.

Scott Richardson can help your pest control company prosper and guide  you through legal or regulatory challenges. Contact Scott at 602-248-1012 or sjr@jaburgwilk.com
for more information on pest control law and representation.

Thank you to Scott for passing this along!

Bill Transferring OPM to AZ Dept. of Agriculture Clears AZ Legislature

Bill Transferring OPM to AZ Dept. of Agriculture Clears AZ Legislature

The Arizona House of Representatives today by a 59-0 vote passed legislation transferring the administrative oversight of the Office of Pest Management (OPM) from the Arizona Department of Administration to the Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA), clearing the bill for Governor Jan Brewer’s consideration.  Governor Brewer has five days to sign the bill into law, which most observers expect her to do. 

The Legislature’s passage of Senate Bill 1194, which won the approval of the Arizona Senate on February 10, 2011 by a 29-0 vote, represents an enormous legislative victory for the Arizona Pest Professional Organization (AzPPO).  AzPPO has worked for the past few years to relocate OPM to the AZDA and SB 1194 is the byproduct of AzPPO’s discussions and negotiations with agricultural stakeholder groups, lawmakers and administrative officials. 

Click here to read SB 1194 and here to read related information. 

Under SB 1194, the director of AZDA will appoint an acting director of OPM to serve at the pleasure of the director of AZDA and OPM will move from its Scottsdale location to the AZDA building at the Capitol Complex in Phoenix.  The bill also retains the Pest Management Advisory Committee (PMAC), but repeals the provision precluding former appointees to the former Structural Pest Control Commission from serving on PMAC. 

In addition, the measure creates a Task Force on Structural Pest Management.  The Task Force, whose members will be appointed by the director of AZDA and will be comprised of three members of the agricultural community, three members who are licensed as structural pesticide applicators or qualifying parties, two members of AZDA’s Agriculture Advisory Council and one member representing AZDA, who shall serve as chairperson of the Task Force.  The Task Force is charged with, among other things, reviewing and recommending to key lawmakers by December 15, 2012 the possible future organizational structure of AZDA’s administration of the regulation of structural pest management including personnel and funding issues.  These recommendations will likely serve as the basis for legislation during the 2013 Legislative Session establishing a permanent organizational structure within AZDA for the regulation of structural pest management activities since, under SB 1194, AZDA’s management authority over OPM expires on December 31, 2013. 

The new law goes into effect 90 days after the 2011 Legislative Session ends, which should be in the next week or two.  AzPPO will continue to keep the industry apprised of the very important and exciting development.


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